2021 and Beyond…Big Plans for Notable Wine

2020 has been a year… to say the very least. As I plan my most attainable and stretch goals for 2021, I realize there are some bigger goals that I am after, and I don’t think I will quite hit them this year… but that’s not stopping me from putting them out into the world, and working toward making them happen each and every day, even if it is a little longer term. 

I have recently written that I plan (professionally) to book 30 events, write 100 wine rhymes(in total), and attain 5-10 new consulting clients. In order to do this, I will list a few steps I believe will help get me there most effectively. I will join the Southlake, Keller, and Grapevine Chambers of commerce. I will continue to grow the wine club at Loyalty Liquors (with a goal of 20 new, loyal members), tasting new wines and finding great deals and styles for my consulting clients each week. I will need to connect with people on the winery / production side of the business this year to find some unique products typically less or unavailable in TX. These relationship building activities are so important to my goals of finding new business and building my clientele. 

100 wine rhymes is a stretch goal, designed to push me to get into a routine of writing and completing them for the ultimate release of 101 Wine Rhymes by Notable Wine, set to Hip Hop instrumentals. I don’t imagine this will be a very sought after publication, but it sounds like fun to me and will keep me focused on having a great time as I build my business… And I plan to make it a fun read and audiobook, so it’s really more for me, ok?!😜

I plan to find my consulting clients organically, by taking great care of and learning from my current consulting clients and doing more networking. I will continue to research and find new and innovative ways to provide better, more specialized service, a unique viewpoint and style, and accurate information and quotes to my clients. 

Some longer term ideas that have excited me just thinking about them are :

Planning large “Wine Region Events and Promotions” with producers and Consortiums of regions like Franciacorta, Brunello, Barolo, Sonoma Coast, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Sicily, Santorini, TX Hill Country, Willamette, etc. with the goal to promote these regions as a whole to bring awareness to the wines, producers and general practices of the regions.   

  1. Create relationships with producers and leaders of consortiums ie. Nik Wies in Mosel comes to mind since I’ve met him, and he’s exactly the type of person I want to work with on events like this!
  2. Plan to visit 1 new wine region per year and immerse myself in its culture.

In addition to my professional goals, I also have some personal goals I would like to achieve. I began a 66 day challenge to do more physical activity every day.  At least 20-30 minutes of cardio, running or some sort of sport/game with my kids.  I also plan to do some muscle training, but, one thing at a time…

I will be not only holding myself accountable to achieving these things, but I will also be pushing to get better, faster, and stronger as I continue to grow as a human, father, husband and small business owner.

Thank you for coming along on my journey… I’m happy to help you along yours!

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