5 and 1 Win Wine Contest!

I’m working on a fun way to get more people as excited about Notable Wine as I am, so I thought I would give away free wine!
The way it works, is if you can get 5 people to sign up for my blog (www.NotableWine.com) and be a friend here on Facebook, I will put your name in a wine chiller, and when the contest is over (When I reach 1000), I’ll draw a name out, and whoever it is, will win a bottle of VINTAGE PORT.
To keep track of the people you suggest, simply leave their names (or email, so I know who it is) somewhere for me  in a comment or message), and if they sign up, you get 1 entry into the drawing. Every 5 people gets you 1 entry.  If you suggest 100 people, and they all sign up, you will get 20 entries into the drawing!!!  Play the odds!
The Contest will run until I reach 1000 new subscribers…Good Luck!

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