Averill Lake California Cabernet 2006 $12, round 2

Great inexpensive California Cabernet Sauvignon to drink now or hold onto for a year or so.

I was recommended  this wine to try, because I asked for an inexpensive Cabernet that was a good typical style of Cabernet Sauvignon.   I like to take a recommendation from the store clerks to see where there tastes are, and how accurate their recommendations are.  I should have remembered this guy’s name, because I think he made a great recommendation on this one!

Averill Lake 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon drinks great right out of the bottle, and after 3 days of being “Vacuu’Vin’d”, it is holding up quite well.  I like to see how much “mileage” I can get out of some wines, and this one was just the same, if not better 4 days later!  Cabernet is known to age well, so I shouldn’t have been too surprised, however, at the price, you really can’t expect it to age, so I was pleasantly surprised!  It probably would have developed fine with the original cork put back in, giving it a little oxidation, but I didn’t take any chances, now I know for the next time.

It has a clear dark ruby to purple color, and a pale rim.

On the nose, I smell sweet candy, ripe black fruit, black currant, a hint of chocolate, and vanilla.  The alcohol comes through a little on the nose, giving it a bit of spice.

On the palate, I get some nice fruit up front balanced well with medium acidity, and medium tannins.  The finish is short lived, but pleasant, making me want to go back for a second sip…

… I get that big candy fruit right away on the nose, and fresh fruit comes in right at the tip of the tongue.

This wine will drink well into next year and may last a few more, but I think it can be enjoyed perfectly now with your favorite red meats, burgers, and would go great with a wine cheese pairing, maybe some sharper cheeses that can cut into the fruit and tannins… if you have any ideas on cheeses, let me know!

I think this wine is well worth the money, and since I found it for $10, it’s a bargain!


I remembered writing about this wine, so I decided to revisit it… Outstanding again  This time I tried it for dinner with a medium rare prime rib, and mmmm!  it was delicious!  Since I was the only one drinking it, I decided to bring it back home and let it sit, with just the cork in it for a few days, and just as I expected, it tasted great just a few days later…  Excellent value 4/10/10

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