Champagne Night with Maslow 6 Dec. 9th

Maslow 6 in Tribeca is having a tasting of all Champagnes I have never tried, which is exciting, but disappointing, as I will not be able to attend 🙁 I’ll be working that night, unfortunately, but I thought I’d throw it out there to anybody else who loves Champagne as much as I do…

If you saw the Italian Tasting video, you know how knowledgeable and passionate Mollie Battenhouse is (if you didn’t… go watch them IMMEDIATELY ;-)). She makes learning a whole lot of fun, and besides, you’ll be sippin’ the bubbly! She will walk you through the region of Champagne, talk about each wine and their subtle differences, and if you really like a specific wine, you may even get a good deal on it after the tasting (but you didn’t hear that from me!)

Click the Champagne label to go to Maslow 6 website if you want to sign up:

The process of making Champagne or Sparkling wine is very interesting, and can be very costly, which is why some of the best sparkling wines in the world are so expensive! Here’s a little entertaining / informative video that was inspired by Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles to get you started before the real tasting and education begins…Notable Wine – Tiny Bubbles Video

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