Contributing Columnist Tony Caristi Coming to Notable Wine! Big Things To Come!

Tony Caristi wine lover and long time friend and business partner has agreed to join up with Notable Wine as a “Contributing Columnist”.

As a professional in the wine business for over 35 years he has the knowledge, experience, and contacts that make him one of the most sought after sources for great wine information. I adopted his philosophy of finding great quality wines at excellent prices and sharing them with the world.

He’s a low tech kinda guy. He loves his wine, his friends, and his family… He will be providing regular content for the blog beginning in March, and I’ll make sure it gets to you.

We are honored to have his input… stay tuned and tell your friends… this will be big!  We are currently thinking of names for the Column.  So far we have thoughts of “Wines That Count”, “Wines That Sing”, or “Wow! Wines”… If you have any suggestions for the Headline, let us know!  Cheers!

Sometimes we drink a special wine to celebrate!image

Sometimes we drink Great Values!

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