Happy New Year!!! Get Ready For 2012!

I would like to take a moment to THANK all of my faithful Notable Wine-ers for reading, sharing, Wine-ing, and giving YOUR feedback throughout the year! Without you Notable Wine would not be possible.

We hit a milestone of 100 posts this year, are close to 9,000 all time views, and currently have 50 faithful and AWESOME subscribers to the blog, and 201 Facebook Likes. YOU are my Notable Wine Community!

I hope to see those numbers grow in the new year, and with your help, I know we will create a large community of wine lovers that truly enjoy Notable Wine and FINE WINES FOR LE$$!

I look forward to providing all of our FINE WINES FOR LE$$ readers with easier ways to find your favorite new wines, as well as some awesome new value wines for 2012! I hope to provide all of our Video watchers with some cool new video tasting episodes, events, and entertainment in the coming year as well! Most importantly, I look forward to your feedback, meeting new Notable Wine-ers, and helping you with all of your Wine picks and questions! Cheers!



Sean Antoniello
Creator and Notable Wine-er

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