International Wine Center

I began taking classes at the IWC in February 2010.  With just about a month before the Advanced Level Certificate Exam, I had quite a bit of information to review and memorize.  Though I have an excellent understanding of wine basics, there are some very intricate details that are involved with this one.  I was very studious throughout the course, and didn’t miss a class (mostly because I just didn’t want to miss tasting new wines every week!) and I think I had enough time to really prepare myself to kick some a** on this test!

I enjoyed the classes very much, and I must say that out of all of the regions we have experienced over the past 10 weeks, Germany was quite an unexpected joy for me.  I haven’t though of myself as a sweet wine, or white wine drinker, however, I really enjoyed a night of nothing but German white wines, half of the 6 being Auslese level and sweeter!  There really is nothing quite like a good German dessert wine!

Now that I am through with this course, I have a whole new level of confidence and knowledge to speak from…

Still waiting for the results from my exam, but that is not stopping me from pursuing my passion. I will keep you posted on my new adventures and whatever may come from them…

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