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After Reading an interview in Wine Spectator about Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates, I realized that there really are a few people out there that see my vision of “Notable Wine”. Combining wine and music is such an euphoric feeling (not just because of the buzz you can get from the wine) but because of the synergistic effect they have on each other. I am still working out the perfect combinations, but it is a fun journey. This clip from the WS article gave me a little insight:
‘WS: So, do you have favorite wine and music pairings?
DH: That’s a thought! If you really want to get down with R&B I wouldn’t talk about fine wines—drink the wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee [laughs]. But I like soul and jazz, and think my tastes run to sophisticated music. Wine fits in with that kind of mindset.’
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I do think that Jazz and Soul are most likely the perfect pairing with most wine, particularly red varietals, but could there be other styles of wine that go with, I don’t know, Hip Hop?

If you’ve been keeping up with my music and wine posts on Facebook this week, you know that Jay-Z is a featured artist this week…Now what does he think about wine? Well, early in his rapping career, he flaunted bottles of Cristal Champagne in his videos, though I’m pretty sure that was for status more than anything else, because after all, if you know wine, then you know that you can get some pretty good Champagne for less than Cristal (I prefer Billecart Salmon)!

But I really started to notice Jay-Z’s appreciation for wine in his song “Excuse Me Miss” when he mentions a Gaja ’97 in the beginning of the song… again seemingly a status thing, but if he’s drinking it, and liking it, he must have developed his palate to some degree! (Jay, it’s pronounced Gaya… but that’s okay).
The other song I noticed Jay-Z talking about wine is in “Show Me What You Got”:
Take a Look at this video footage at his concert… of course at about 2:45 in I remix/edited the wine references 😉

Jay-Z Concert Footage

So to sum up Jay-Z’s wine experience… He likes expensive French Sparkling, expensive Italian wine, and expensive/cult California Cabernet… Jigga man, not for nothing, but you haven’t been checking out Notable Wine enough!!

Now if you are a Rocker, you’ll be happy to know there are a few artists in the business making their own wine… or at least putting their name on it. David Coverdale of Deep Purple and Whitesnake has quite a different view of Opus One than Jay-Z, and I think I lean more toward his taste.
Whitesnake Zinfandel

Could you have guessed that the lead singer of a band called “Simply Red” would have a fascination with wine? It seems as if it could have been a coincidence, but, you never know.

Mick Nucknall on Wine

So as you can see there are many styles of music that go with wine, and all different types of artist love wine! Leave your comments, ask questions, and let me know your favorite artist and wine, I’ll try to find the connection! Cheers!

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