4 Sale!?!

Notable Wine May be Sold?!?! What is this? Could this really be true? To whom? Why? Okay, I know you have questions, so do I. Let me first tell you that I’m more shocked than you are. After all, I kind of disappeared and left you all wondering what to drink for almost 5 years with very little to no communication over the past 2-3 years. I truly apologize and with all of the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 5 years, I look forward to making that hiatus worthwhile… but enough with the that, let’s discuss the possibility that someone wants to purchase

I can’t say I never thought this time would come, because when I began my journey with Notable Wine, it was a true passion of mine to find the Best Wine Values that were also Top Quality Wines, and share them with you, my faithful Notable Wine-ers! I also can’t say that I’m ready to sell because the concept was my baby, before I had kids of my own, and I still believe in it and want to nurture it into a successful, educational, entertaining Wine Consulting (and more) Website.

So who would offer to buy Notable Wine? Another Blogger, A Wine Store, A Winery? Does it matter if they are willing to pay me thousands of dollars? Yes. While I may consider selling the Domaine Name (don’t worry, I won’t just give it away, it’s got to be really worth it), it is very important to me that the concept of Notable Wine flourishes. So whoever you are, that decided to make me an offer, I would love to know what you plan to do with, because, unfortunately for you, money isn’t everything to me. If you are willing to pay what I have asked in counter to your offer, then I will assume you have great plans, better than I have been able to offer the site over the past few years…but I suppose I will never be sure if you do accept my current offer!

My promise to you is this… I will continue to build Notable Wine and share Excellent Quality and Value without pretense, without stuffy jargon to make you feel like you don’t know anything about wine, and as objectively as possible. In the past, I reviewed wines that were sent to me by various sources as well as wines that I purchased in stores through my searches, so I was able to be very objective, while also having fun and learning. Over the past 5 years, I learned a great deal, and tasted some Amazing Wines, but I didn’t feel I could be nearly as objective since I was working for a great importer/distributor in the NJ/PA/DE area (Vintage Imports). Since I was getting paid to sell these wines, it wasn’t really fair for me to write about them… I couldn’t really be as objective as I would like to be, and what I always promised to be. I will say, I also wasn’t being completely fair NOT sharing some of their wines with you, so I will make sure to recap some of my favorite values in the Wine Portfolio… now that I am closing that chapter of my career!

In Conclusion, you can look forward to more posts on I doubt the purchaser interested in my domaine name is willing to spend what I asked. I can’t wait to bring Notable Wine to the next level, so if you have any input, or requests… get them in… we are only a few months away from a complete overhaul!! Thank you for all of your support over the years…


Sean @ NotableWine!

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