Willamette Valley Riesling 2007 – $12

I heard some good reviews about this wine, so I thought it would be a perfect bottle
to bring to a BBQ to start things off. It turns out that all the hype was not just hype, this wine proved to be an excellent choice… if you are into an off-dry, medium sweet style of wine. There is a time an place for everything, and the time and place for this Riesling is Now!

The riesling is from Oregon’s well know Pinot Noir area, and is not surprisingly a very good bottle of wine. Refreshing aromas of citrus, peach, and pear are reminiscent of a typical German style riesling. The first sip keeps you coming back for more with a medium sweet, medium body texture on the front and mid palate, and a very clean, and surprisingly dryer, crisp finish on the back of the tongue. Not overly sweet, but also not for the “I only drink DRY wine” drinker.

At $11-$12 a bottle I think this is a great value, and a great summer white to drink as an aperetif, with grilled vegetables, a spicy thai dish, or even a lightly sweet dessert like flan. Enjoy now, or hold on to the bottle for a couple of years. I think it could develop slightly with a year or 2 of bottle age, but it is drinking perfectly Now!

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