Wine Rhymes make learning about wine more Fun. # 1 How To Talk Wine

Wine Rhymes have kind of become “my thing”. I’m not really sure how, but I guess that’s not really important. What is important is that I continue to create them, keep making them better, more fun, and more in line with the wine edutainment I provide my clients.

When I first decided to officially create Notable Wine Events & Consulting, I had two main goals in mind. One, to combine my passions for music and wine, and two, to elevate the wine world by teaching people how to find better quality wine and values in an unpretentious and entertaining way. At around the same time, my inspiration to write about wine and write rhymes also seemed to come together. Wine Rhymes? I started searching, and realized that there was nobody really rhyming about wine! What? Why? I mean, you would think there would be hundreds of wine rhymers just hanging in the aisles of wine shops and outside the bathrooms of restaurants all over the world battling for who spits the dopest wine lyrics, right? No, not so much. To my surprise and dismay, I seem to be the only one (sad face). I have been finding many people who really love to teach about wine in a similar way, that is, by making it fun and not pretentious. I hope to collaborate with some of these people, and continue finding and collaborating with more like minded people in this wine industry that seems to be getting more convoluted when it should be getting simpler and easier for people to understand.

So what is the deal with these Wine Rhymes? At first it was wine poetry. I have always enjoyed writing lyrical rhymes and poetry since I was a teenager. The content was vastly different then, but I had a similar goal. I spent many years believing I was going to be a hip hop star who was going to change the world, and I loved to write. As I grew older, and more self aware, I realized I really wasn’t that good of a rapper and I probably wasn’t going to change the world with the content I was writing. But that never faded my love to write and rhyme. When the wine rhyme idea crossed my mind, it came pretty naturally and I wrote my first few lines and was quickly inspired. So, here I am making a 2nd attempt at rhyming, but this time it’s to change the wine world… same goal, just a bit more focused.

A mid term goal is to create a book of at least 100, maybe even 1000 of these poetic, edutaining, lyrical wine facts, quips and songs. I have a bit of work to do until I get there, but in the meantime, I’m working on memorizing some of them, performing them at my events for comedic and entertaining purposes, posting them on YouTube and other social media for a little marketing and branding… and I figured they should also make their way on my blog.

So… to start things off, I am sharing the first wine rhyme I actually spent some time writing, editing, recording a video for, etc. I would like to believe they are getting better and better, and hope they are as “Edutaining” as I intend them to be!

This one is intended for the wine novice, newbie or beginner, or whatever new name they come up with to make you feel like you know nothing. You may be the person who enjoyed a glass of wine once or twice, but was too intimidated to want to learn any more about it. Or maybe you tasted wine, didn’t like it, but still want to learn about it because it just seems cooler than cheap beer. I was both of those people at one point in my journey, and I learned quickly that wine is fermented grape juice. It shouldn’t be overcomplicated, and it definitely shouldn’t be intimidating! Cheers to our wine journeys.

Please let me know your thoughts or if you have inspiration and ideas for other wine rhymes, I’m always open to hearing them!

# 1 How To Talk Wine 

To understand wine so it makes more sense,

 first talk about it with intelligence/confidence. 

Knowing where it’s grown, how it’s made, and it’s varietal, 

will help you describe it with words that are more reliable. 

Many of these clues you can find right on the label, 

make sure to read the back, it may even tell a fable… 

Like how the winemaker took the road less traveled

How she struggled like the vines in limestone and gravel.

Describing what you see, smell, and taste can be a burden

Using your experience will make you feel more certain.

Don’t just ACT like you know to try to impress your neighbor, 

Use my 5 Tasting Tips. I’ll teach you about ‘em later…

For now, pick a variety and learn to pronounce it,

then once you know about it, make an announcement! 

This process is fun, learning about wine is a passion,

That’s how it started for me, and now its everlasting. 

Oh yeah… this is rough, but it was the first one, so give me a little break ok?… I look like I stumbled at the foot of a mountain trying to climb to the top… I’m going to make it to the top, and when I stumble, I hope you laugh with me.

Thank you!

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