Wine Snob? Casual Wine Drinker? Somewhere in Between??

As I was planning my tasting for today, some thoughts ran through my head, and I thought it would be a great topic to touch upon… What kind of wine drinker are you?

We can break it down into 3 main categories, and a few more sub-categories…

1. The Wine Snob – Also know as the Wine Expert, Wine Geek, Wine Enthusiast, and I’m sure there are many other names we would like to call these people. Sometimes, I admit, I fall into this category, but it is totally unintentional, and it is usually when I’m around other people who have the same level of passion and excitement for wine as I do… Please don’t judge me ;-) The Wine Snob has a vast amount of knowledge about all types of wines from all regions of the world. They can tell you what grapes are used to make certain wines, fermentation temperatures, the best soil composition, etc… but a true wine expert also knows that they will never know everything about wine, especially in this very rapidly changing world. They will always try to learn more about wine. For these people, finding a great value wine that is unique and special is a real treat!

2. The Wine Lover – This is someone who loves wine. It is their beverage of choice. They like trying different wines with different foods, on different occasions, with different people. The Wine Lover understands what wine is all about, but they may not know the intricate details like what region the grapes are grown in, What varieties are in their favorite blend, or what soils and climates are best for growing their favorite varieties. Nonetheless, they love wine. Wine lovers may have a favorite brand, or style of wine that they lean toward, but they are very open to trying new and exciting wines to expand their knowledge.
This kind of wine drinker is one of my favorites, because they are open to learning new things, trying different wines from different areas of the world. I love the wine lover!

3. The Casual Wine Drinker – This is the majority of wine drinkers, I believe. Someone who likes the taste of wine, likes the buzz they get after a few glasses, and may even enjoy pairing their wine with food. The casual wine drinker may have another beverage of choice, but they usually have 1 or 2 “favorite” wines that they go to in the store when they are in the mood. If the store doesn’t carry their brand, they may just pass this time around, or go somewhere else to find it.
I can appreciate the Casual Wine Drinker’s willingness to explore, because they didn’t always like wine, in fact, they may have hated it… but somewhere along the way there was a wine that changed their mind, and now a whole new world has opened even if it is Italian Pinot Grigio, Australian Shiraz, or Argentine Malbec. (Just to be clear there is nothing wrong with these styles, they are just very popular and well known styles these days, that’s why the Casual Wine Drinker may know them first).

Now I wonder, where do you fit into these categories? Or are you somewhere in between? The last category is obviously the person who doesn’t drink wine at all… If this is you and you change your mind, then come talk to me…

If you are a wine snob, well first of all, I urge you, please, stop being douchy! Nobody cares how much wine knowledge you have. You don’t impress me or any of the other Wine Experts when you put people down or look down upon people for not having as sophisticated a palate as you. I know plenty of very knowledgeable wine people who are very down to earth, so please, if you aren’t, just remember that this is fermented grape juice we are dealing with… Though I love and respect the art that goes into every step of it, there is no need to lose yourself in your ego. If you don’t want to buy a wine because of it’s label or because of the way it is marketed that is your choice, but everyone is different, everyone has their own taste, and that should be respected. I’m not a huge fan of very sweet wines, yet I love a good Riesling, and even a Sauternes or Port wine now and then. I would still say my least favorite style of wine is a Fino (dry) Sherry… but I know this because I’ve tried it, more than once. (Suggestion try it with olives, some bread and maybe hummus?… it’s a whole different experience).

If you are a wine lover, let me know if there is anything I can do to make your wine experience better!

If you are a casual wine drinker and would like to learn more, feel free to ask questions, no question is “too novice” for me, or should be for anyone who know a thing or two about wine… so don’t be afraid to try something new, you never know you may just love it!

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