Extra! Extra! Somebody’s Getting Married!

As Notable Wine continues growing, I thought I would try to do my best to make it even more personal and intimate, because after all, the most fun about wine is being able to share it with good people! First THANK YOU ALL so much for becoming a part of this exciting phenomenon that is “NOTABLE WINE”!!! Without you, I would not be doing this, and I hope that you will continue to share your experiences, questions, comments, and stories with us here on the blog, and on Facebook, and keep telling your friends about it!

So it’s true… I’m tying the knot this weekend, and to tell you the truth, I’m really, really, really, looking forward to it. She is my best friend, she inspires me, and I’m pretty sure I make her happy too… at least I hope so…nah, I know so! 🙂 I feel like this is such a positive step in my life and career and I am so glad that I have new people in my life to share it with as well. I know some of you will be there to celebrate this joyous occasion with us, but for those of you that won’t be there, I’ll make sure to add some pictures and let you know all about it!

As a DJ and MC, I’ve been on the other side of so many Weddings, and though I love them and think they are the best, most fun parties people can have, I haven’t actually been a “guest” at a wedding too often, let alone the Groom! I think it will be fun, and a good chance for me to just let loose, and enjoy myself with friends, family, and of course, my new Wife!

I had a lot of fun preparing for the wedding when we went to do our Food and Wine tasting! It was an experience that I walked away from thinking, “I could do this more often!” Don’t worry, I don’t want to plan any more weddings, just the food and wine tasting part…

The wedding celebration is going to be Sept. 5th, 2010 in Lake Placid, quite a drive for many of our family and friends! They have really shown how much they love us just by making the effort to get there, and we appreciate each and every one of them. We didn’t expect so many people to actually make it, and we are blessed that we have so many good people in our lives that care enough to share this special weekend with us!

I’d like to ask all of you to do some CELEBRATING with us this weekend. If you have a bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for a “Special Occasion”… pop it open this weekend, and tell us all about it. If you are a beer drinker, throw a few back for us!

Every day we rise is another day to celebrate and enjoy!!! Cheers!

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