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Hey friends, family, and wine lovers! I decided to have a little friendly competition to help get the word out about Notable Wine. I currently have 27 subscribers to this blog website and 152 on my Facebook Page, but I know that you can help me bring that number up significantly. I am asking you to help me share the website to all the people you know that are either into Wine, would like to learn more about Wine, or have some sort of interest in Wine… It probably doesn’t make sense to share this with someone who will never take a sip of wine, but hey, you never know, maybe we can teach some people all the great benefits and joys of Wine together…

My Goal is to get 1000 New Subscribers!!! How will I do that, you may be asking? First of all why do people want to sign up in the first place? That’s easy, it’s a FREE blog that has tons of great information, videos, links to events, excellent wine recommendations, a Food and Wine Matcher link, and much more… Plus, I’m a really cool guy, and people want to know what I’m doing! (I keep telling myself that) 😉

If YOU can help me get 100 new subscribers, You will automatically win  2 FREE Bottles of Wine! And not any old cheap 2 Buck Chuck… I will introduce you to some great value wines, and if you tell me what style you like, and I will find a great bottle that will be perfect for you!   And all you have to do is send this out to all your friends and get them to sign up their email address on my blog for the updates!

If you can help me get 50 new subscribers, You will automatically win 1 FREE Bottle of wine! And you’ll have the opportunity to star in your very own Notable Wine show with wines you want to try!

If you can help me get 20 new subscribers you will win a FREE Wine Stopper!  And get a personalized “Thank You Video Blog Post” to share with your friends.

In order to keep track of who you are recommending to subscribe, all you have to do is tell them to:
1. “Sign in their Email in the Top right Box”,
2. “Click the Link in their email to Confirm Subscription”, and
3. “Post YOUR NAME in the comments section of this post “Notable Contest-Win Free Wine! Sign Up Free!” when they sign up.

That’s it, easy as 1-2-3!!! You are on your way to a free bottle of wine, Notable Vin Vlog Fame, and much more!!! Keep Sharing! Thanks!

This contest will last until we get 1000 Subscribers (hopefully before 2011), so go out there and meet some new wine friends and tell them about Notable Wine! The person with the most referrals will also get the opportunity to post their own monthly feature on the site if you like.

This contest will run in conjunction with the 5 and 1 Contest which means you have a chance to get a bunch of great value wines as well as enter into the drawing for the Vintage Port…

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