Less Is More

Drop the lesser fruit to strengthen the remaining fruit on the vine.

In the days where posting more seems to be the thing to do, I believe less is more and strive to share what is most important.  If you like it, please join me in my Notable Wine journey!  Subscribe on YouTube, Follow on Instagram, or even host your own Notable Wine Event with your favorite wine lovers!

How do Vineyards get the best quality grapes from their vines?  

One of the methods used to increase the quality of the fruit on the vine during the growing season is the method of Dropping Fruit. Viticulturalists/Vineyard Managers and their teams will go through the vineyards and purposely cut off perfectly good bunches of berries from the vine, and just let them drop to the ground (an often painful process to watch for anyone who loves wine & grapes). 

Some of the grapes or bunches may not be ripening at the same rate as others on the vine, so when it comes time to harvest, they may still be behind, and may not become useful for making wine anyway (at least this is what we tell ourselves to feel better).  

This process of Reducing the quantity of berries allows the vine to focus its energy on growing the remaining grapes to optimal ripeness much more efficiently.  You have less grapes growing, but more concentration.  The goal is to achieve higher quality grapes, and that is exactly what happens.  

How does this affect the wine your bottle?  The quantity reduction in the vineyard improves the quality of the finished wine.  

Different styles of winemaking and grape growing determine the style of the finished wine.  The decision to drop fruit is not a technique used by all wineries, especially those who are less concerned with quality and more concerned with quantity.  When vineyards become so large that it is not economically feasible to go through this laborious process, you will often find less expensive, less exciting wines, and often lower quality as a result.

When a vineyard takes the time and effort to see the full potential from each vine, and even each bunch of grapes, amazing things can, and do happen.  Not every small winery has the same philosophies, but sometimes it seems like most of the larger wineries tend to head down the same path. There will always be exceptions, but in general, I’d rather take my chances with the majority of small producers that have something to lose by putting out inferior quality.

Are you willing to pay a little more for better quality? You are worth it, so do it, at least once in a while!  

The way I see it, I would much rather invest my time, money, and wine experiences with wineries and producers I know did everything they could to help me achieve the highest quality experience, from vine to bottle!

By focusing my efforts at Notable Wine on Edutaining you with the best quality wine and highest level of service and entertainment, I can ‘drop the lesser fruit’,  and focus that energy toward significantly elevating your wine experiences!  Cheers 🎶🍷

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