Wine Rhymes Book

Who’s the author of the first ever Wine Rhymes book? This guy!! Now, when I first started writing wine rhymes I admit, I didn’t think I would come up with enough for a whole book, but about 1 year in, I saw the possibility to make a small number of Limited Edition copies available to wine event clients, family and friends, and any true Notable Wine fans! I plan to print only ~ 2,310 copies of this Limited Edition (because those are completely arbitrary and special numbers to me right now, so why not?), and I imagine most of those copies will go to event clients in the DFW area, but if for some reason it really takes off and people purchase more on Amazon, I will remove it to keep the integrity of the Limited Edition before I sell 3,000 copies.

By that time, I hope to have created more wine rhymes, added more content to the next edition, and make it an all encompassing Wine Rhymes and Tips book that can help you even more on you Wine Edutainment Journey!

My name is Sean Antoniello of Notable Wine,

I help you learn about wine and have a good time,

I call it Edutainment,  using Music and Wine, 

Some are more complex, but here’s a basic wine rhyme.

I’ll share wine facts in rhymes before explaining,

so you can learn about the wine while I’ll be entertaining.

I’ll teach you tips on how to taste and talk about your Vino 

I can rhyme about Cab, Merlot, Malbec, and Pinot.

When you plan a Notable Wine Event I can assure,

You’ll learn to find wines you can afford and they’re pure too!

Choosing small producers who love the earth and vines,

Who have integrity and value putting in the work and time!

Then I do the research, plan the party, pick the wines,

Provide a music playlist that’s completely customized.

So when the party starts, and you all start engaging,

It’s time to have fun, it’s sure to be amazing!

Wine Rhymes Book Available on Amazon

If you are interested in purchasing your own copy on it’s available here!

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