South African Adventure…Round 2: The Wineries

…Our dinner at Terroir, one of the Top 10 Restaurants in South Africa was exquisite. We were greeted with 2 glasses of sparkling wine to start our night, thanks to our tour guide who kindly informed the restaurant we were on our honeymoon, and took our time to look over the menu and wine list. I decided on the delicious looking pork chop, and paired one their recommended Pinot Noir with it, and Lindsay went with the Kingclip and calamari. We took our time eating, drinking, and beginning to actually settle in to the fact that we were really in South Africa! I noticed a very interesting looking wine, the De Wetshof Edeloes, Noble Late Harvest Riesling, and had to try it for dessert… I found that not only can South Africa produce some excellent Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir, at very reasonable prices, they also make a good Sauterne-like wine as well!
We woke up nice and early on a cool drizzly day and got dressed to walk around in vineyards and wineries all day! Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I had already tasted some amazing wines, I couldn’t wait to see what else was out there! Our first stop was at Ernie Els wine estate, and thought I would have preferred to find a “diamond in the rough” kind of winery, I was very pleased with the experience. They had an amazing Cabernet Sauvignon I took home, a beautiful estate, and I even got to try one of the 2004 reserve wines to compare vintages!

We headed off to their mass production “sister” wine room to see what else they had to offer, but we weren’t so impressed with that, so we headed straight to Waterford, a most excellent wine and chocolate experience! Have you ever had a dry red wine with chocolate? I never quite got it, until now… Waterford winery actually creates the chocolate to pair with certain wines. A dark spicy “masala chai” chocolate to go with the Shiraz/Mourvedre, a rock salt dark chocolate to pair with their Cabernet, and a Rose Geranium milk chocolate to pair with their desert wine the Heatherleigh.

I still prefer Cabernet with a steak, but I was very impressed with how well the Shiraz paired, and there could never be a more perfect pairing than the Heatherleigh and Rose Geranium!
If it couldn’t get any better, we were then escorted through the winery, their storage “cathedral” and before we left for the day, I had a chance to try The Jem, their most prized wine, and it truly was quite an exquisite bordeaux blend with true South African expression! This was basically the end of our wine tours. We went to have lunch at the most gorgeous property, Delair, where we dined on some pretty interesting dishes, and of course had some very tasty wines! After a relaxing lunch, drove around to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery and headed into Franschhoek for our next adventure…

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