Wine Guerrilla Zinfandel Party Reviews – w/ Special Guests


Another wine tasting party at the Neto’s awesome abode… This time we had a varietal tasting of 3 Zinfandels from the Wine Guerrilla. These were sent to me as free samples, but understand that I always give honest reviews. As you will see in the video, we had 3 different favorites out of the 3 wines tasted, but there wasn’t a bad wine in the bunch.

If you enjoy well balanced, well made, Red Zinfandel, I definitely recommend giving these wines a try. They were all 2009 vintages, they all had Screw Cap tops, they were all ready to drink now, though I believe the green labeled “Forchini Vineyards Old Vine” Zinfandel may possibly improve with a little bottle age.

Special thanks to Tony and Sonya for hosting, the camera work, and giving your honest, well thought out opinions. Also a Big Thank You to dj Frankie G and Janice for sharing your opinion on these wines. Thanks to George, Viv, Lily, Lorenzo, and my lovely wife Lindsay for also being a part of it, even though your video cameos were short, at best ;-)…

Thanks again to Bruce @ the Wine Guerrilla for making some great wines and sending them out here! Good luck to you!

Questions?? Comments?? Feel free to let me know. I’m still working out the details on the Notable Wine Rating Scale, but the idea is to keep it simple:

Notable Wine =
a Good Wine (1 High Note),
A Great Wine (2 High Notes),
An Outstanding Wine (3 High Notes),
or a
Not Able Wine = A Bad Wine (Sour Grape)

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