WSET Unit 1 Study Group Wines…

Every once in a while I get a chance to share great wine with people who really appreciate it… This was one of those time.  I brought the 2003 Chateauneuf du Pape, the host Diana brought out a very nice Sangiovese blend, and Keith made sure we we finished strong with the ’77 Port. That was a very strong lineup for any wine enthusiast…

I’m glad we could enjoy them together. Each wine represented a style and a mood. The ripe Rhone wine warmed us up, the big bold new world “Super Tuscan” helped us through the bulk of our discussions, and the fine vintage port, gave us the confidence to know we will do well on our upcoming exam! That port was surprisingly young tasting for it’s age…it just happens to coincide with my birth year… so it’s good to know I can say the same thing about myself… but I won’t, cuz that would just be wierd ;-)

image Ready to go, this Chateauneuf du Pape was full of red ripe fruit flavors, soft silky tannins, and a long lasting earthy finish!

image I would describe the Terra Valentine as a “new world” super tuscan. A Sangiovese blend that really was quite delicious! Full bodied, rich and full of flavor and mild tannins.

image In 2 words, Unbelievably Young! This wine could easily age another 10 years. It showed little to no signs of ageing in the 33 years it’s been in bottle and I must say it was outstanding! It’s what Port wine is meant to be! Sweet, plush, full bodied, full of gripping tannins, paired perfectly with chocolate and pecans!

Now as out exam quickly approaches, I need to stop writing these blogs for a little bit, and focus on my studies… We’ll see how well that works… Cheers!

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